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Directed productions

2014 A. Strindberg DREAMSPELL (Lithuanian national drama theatre)
2015 F. Richter GOD IS A DJ (Oskaras Koršunovas Theatre)
2016 W. Shakespeare TIMON (Lithuanian national drama theatre)
2017 TRANS TRANS TRANCE (Oskaras Koršunovas Theatre)
2018 V. Pelevin FOUR (Kaunas national drama theatre)

2018 J. Pommerat TWO COREAS (Klaipeda Youth theatre)
2019 T. Kavtaradze I DREAMT, I DREAMT (The State Youth theatre)

2019 M. Myllyaho PANIC (Kaunas national drama theatre)

2020 T. Kavtaradze GLACIERS (Vaba lava theatre, Tallinn)

2021 L. Svedaite FEAST (Oskaras Koršunovas theatre)

2022 UNSPOKEN (Deutsches theatre, Berlin)

2022 Simon Stone MEDEA (Theater Freiburg, Freiburg)



2023 Ха́та - Zuhause (Munich Kammerspiele, Munich)

2023 THINGS I DIDN'T DARE TO SAY AND IT'S TOO LATE NOW (Lithuanian National drama theatre)

Touring experience
Venice Open stage festival, Italy

Spoleto festival (The festival of two worlds), Italy
International theatre festival Encounter, Chezch republic
New Now festival, Amsterdam, Holland

Teatro India (Teatro di Roma), Italy

Festival Sens Interdits 2015, France
International Prize Il Teatro Nudo di Teresa Pomodoro, Italy
Teatro India (Teatro di Roma), Italy
Spazio theatre NO’HMA, Italy
Deutsches theatre, Germany

Lithuanian Culture weekend, London, United Kingdom

International festival of Young directors Fast Forward, Germany

Konfrontacje teatralne festival, Poland

TR Warszawa theatre, Poland

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