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             The young generation theatre director Kamile Gudmonaite (b. 1992) graduated Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and is currently pursuing a doctorate in art studies. In 2023 Kamile Gudmonaite became one of the artistic directors of Lithuanian national drama theatre.

            Gudmonaite’s debut production Dreamspell, based on August Strindberg’s play, was staged at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre and attracted attention from the public and critics, as well as international acclaim. Her productions were presented at festivals in Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands. In 2014, Dreamspell was awarded with the first prize in the European Young Theatre programme of the international Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, Italy. In 2022 at Teatro Argentina in Rome Kamile Gudmonaite received a prize for the best young European theatre directress (Premio Europeo Giuseppe Bertollucci).

          While in her first performances Gudmonaite mainly chose existing literary pieces and worked within the framework of classical theatre, lately she has been increasingly working with original material. Over the past few years, the theme of the marginalised and oppressed has been becoming prominent in the director’s work. She is dealing with topics of mental health, grief, sexuality, gender, disability and is constantly adressing various conflicts between different groups of society. Her latest works combine documentary, music & drama, often starting as a research project involving both professional actors and non-actors.

             In addition to her theatre work, Gudmonaite is also part of the musical scene: she is the vocalist and songwriter of the indie-folk Lithuanian musical duo Kamaniu silelis, formed in 2011.


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